Andrew Mukamal, Stylist On The Rise: Twitter Birds


This New York native entered the fashion world after college graduation with nothing but a dream and a Givenchy cardigan. After he won our hearts with his humor on Kell On Earth, he ventured out on his own once again, and now is building a booming career as a stylist and consultant working on Fashion Week presentations, online publications and photoshoots for Seventeen. Despite his non-stop schedule, he manages to update his loyal following via Twitter each day, sharing his obsessions and most importantly his daily looks.

Get to know the man behind the tweets in our newest installment of Twitter Birds: Andrew Mukamal.

Tell us about your background and career aspirations.
I was born in New York, raised in Scarsdale, and educated in Virginia. After graduating from The University of Virginia I moved back home to NYC, where I immediately started working as much as possible as a freelance stylist assistant. After a few short months, I was offered a job at People’s Revolution as the assistant to the CEO, where I worked for a year. Since then, I’ve been working primarily as a freelance stylist and consultant, most recently resulting in my joining the fashion department at Seventeen Magazine.

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How would you describe a typical day at work?
It starts with a morning e-mail catch up for some of my personal projects upcoming shoots and shows I am styling, as well as other consulting projects. Occasionally I kick-start the day with an early morning Skype call with my friend and editor of Mykromag, where I am a contributing editor. At Seventeen, where I’m currently the sittings assistant, I spend most of my time on set working with our stylists and editors on the numerous shoots for the magazine. After a day in the office, I most likely have some sort of meeting regarding one of my upcoming projects, be it a studio visits to a brand I’m working with, or coffee with a photographer I’ve worked with recently to discuss edits and submissions.

When and why did you first hop on the Twitter bandwagon?
I was an early Twitter user and I feel like the stars sort of aligned at the right minute for me and the whole new media/social networking thing. I was working at a forward thinking PR firm and was suddenly brought to the attention of thousands by a national television show. We were all tweeting live as the episodes aired, and I just kept on responding to everyone and every mention. It was fun, it was exciting, and it all seemed very new.

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Why do you think its so important for brands to engage with their fans?
It think the consumer of the future demands a new level of stimulation, and in order for a brand to grow, develop and maintain their following, they need to make themselves openly available to their customers and supporters. New platforms like Twitter are making this relationship instantaneous, and while it’s definitely a large commitment for some of these global mega-brands to engage at this speed, I believe they will quickly realize how effective it can be.

Describe your personality in 140 characters or less.

What makes Twitter such an awesome social networking tool?
I always tell people who are unfamiliar with Twitter that it makes things easy by putting everything in one place. The magazines, television shows and blogs you follow are all posting live, and you and your friends are able to comment and discuss these things right as they’re happening. Twitter has also proven to be an incredible way to develop relationships with brands that I support (and occasionally obsess over, um @ProenzaSchouler) and make new friends.

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If you could pick your top 5 Twitter friends (not necessarily real life friends!) who would they be? And have any of your Twitter friends turned into real life friends?

1. @PSIMadeThis My friend Erica Domesek, whose blog is always a source of inspiration for me. She’s a friend in real life, and one of my favorite people to spend a weekend afternoon with crafting and cooking of course.

2. @Bergdorfs After tweeting about my shopping trips at one of my favorite local shopping spots, Bergdorf Goodman, Cannon Hodge started tweeting me regarding my wish-lists and special orders. We’ve since become great friends, making day trips to the Brooklyn flea market and having after-work dinners.

3. @BagSnob Tina Craig is one of my favorite twitter friends, and is also one of my favorite shopping buddies when she’s in town from Dallas. She’s the best when it comes to organizing our monthly “Twitteratti” dinners (with @PSIMadeThis, @Bergdorfs, @JohnJannuzzi, @DKNY, @OscarPRGirl, @StyleRepublic and @EHolmesWSJ).

4. @FENTONFALLON The genius accessory designer and my uptown partner in crime who I’ve lovingly have nicknamed “Elaine,” Dana Lorenz meets me every weekend @BarneysNYFreds for brunch and shopping. Occasionally we make reservations via Twitter direct message.

5. @SonnyGroo The editor at @MYKROMAG, where I work as a contributing editor, is a great friend, and our endless fashion commentary joined by our Fashion Director @JeanPaulPaula always keeps me smiling.

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What are some of the things that people regularly tweet at you?
I get a lot of questions regarding how to get started in the fashion industry, asking me about my experiences and how I’ve gotten to where I am today. I’m also asked about where to buy certain items of clothing that my followers see me wearing in my daily look pic.

Whats the story behind you Twitpic-ing your look every day? Do you plan out your outfits beforehand?
One day when I was at work, I decided to take a picture of myself in a hat I found in the office. Immediately afterwards, I received a couple of tweets suggesting that I tweet my look everyday, and I guess the rest is history! I never really have a chance to plan my outfits in advance, so I just make sure to check the weather before I jump in the shower in the morning and I just think about what to wear while I’m in there.

Whats the secret to building such a large Twitter following?
I think honesty is really the best secret for anyone to know. Just stay to true yourself and your brand and you really can’t do any wrong.

What are three things youre currently excited about that youve been tweeting to your followers about lately?
I have been tweeting about @ProenzaSchouler Pre-Fall 2011 like a mad person since the day it was presented, gushing over the neo-tribal-preppy-90’s vibe! I love to tweet live about all of the major red carpet events going on, and went completely insane for Emma Stone at the Golden Globes looking sublime in a peachy sherbet Calvin Klein Collection crew-neck gown. Lastly, the Prada Spring 2010 creeper espadrilles have been on my wish list since the moment I watched the show’s live stream, and have been on the hunt to find the original runway version since I discovered they were changed and made shorter for production.

What are three things those who follow your tweets would be surprised
to know about you?
I’m always pretty honest with my tweets and don’t really know if there is anything that would shock them!

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Who are your top 5 people to follow?

2. @PanosYiapanis My favorite living stylist, the genius behind Givenchy inspiring is an absolute understatement.

3. @JakandJilBlog My favorite street style photographer, Tommy Ton, has the most unbelievable eye, and he always helps me see things in a new light.

4. @Rihanna Rihanna is nothing but a badass bitch. I love her style, I love her music, I love it all #NananaCOMEON

5. @annadellorusso She is everything to me. Anyone who goes through 3 wardrobe changes in a single day oh, and did I mention they all happen to be full looks fresh off the runway gets my stamp of approval. I met her at the Lanvin for H&M fashion show and I still get the chills thinking about it.

What is your number one reason to unfollow someone?
I really only unfollow people who are fake accounts or people who are over-sharing on their Twitter accounts.

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Do you have a Twitter pet peeve?

Whats the oddest tweet youve ever gotten?
Marriage proposals.

Is there one person or brand that doesnt have a Twitter that you wish would get one?

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