Andrej Pejic’s Weirdest Photo Shoot Yet

Spencer Cain
Andrej Pejic’s Weirdest Photo Shoot Yet
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We’re used to seeing Andrej Pejic in a variety of situations. The gorgeous androgynous model has appeared nude, posed inhipster gear, and even met the Queen of England in a Versace pencil skirt. For some reason, his attitude and unique look make all of this seem totally normal.

However, his latest shoot for SID Magazine is beyond bizarre. Photographed by Henrik Bulow and styled by Alexandra Carl, Andrej appears in a series of strange outfits. I mean, the only way to describe this shoot is as a combination of the cult 1980s film Weird Science, David Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust days, and gas mask chic.

I’m not totally on board, but I do adore some of the outerwear in the shoot. Take a look at the gallery above, and hope in the future that Andrej continues to let his freak flag fly — but maybe not this much!

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