Andrej Pejic Vs. Lea T: Who Does Androgyny Better?

Andrej Pejic Vs. Lea T: Who Does Androgyny Better?
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Looking through editorials and ad campaigns recently, we’ve noticed that two of the prettiest, most feminine models out there are, in fact, dudes. Or at least born dudes. This phenomenon has been hotly debated and even criticized (we’re looking at you, Cathy Horyn), but we’ll admit that we’re into it. Both Andrej Pejic and Lea T. are seriously capitalizing on their androgyny, and we can’t decide which model we love more!

The choice might boil down to your preference for blondes over brunettes, or all-American beauty over exotic sex appeal almost like a Sienna Miller versus Penelope Cruz situation. Which gender-bending model do you think is prettier? If you need help making up your mind, click through for some of Andrej and Lea T’s latest and greatest.

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