Andrej Pejic Poised For Reality TV Fame?

Summer K

We knew it was only a matter of time before someone recognized the infinite TV potential of our ultimate “girl crush,” Andrej Pejic. The gender-bending uber (‘cuz “super” just won’t cut it, sweets) model was recently snapped on the rooftops of NYC for what could or couldn’t be a major perfume campaign (though Pejic confirmed via a humorous tweet that the odds were pretty good).

“Finally a f*cking perfume to call my own,” he quipped. “Finally I can quit the street corners and start drinking Rose.”

Obviously we would have no problem bathing in a vat of Andrej no. 9 if given the right opportunity, but the hot gossip we’re REALLY sniffing out is the rumor that our beloved future slumber party pal might have a reality TV program up his fashionable sleeve.

Back in June of 2011, Pejic did some Twitter musing on the subject (“Should I do a reality TV show? I mean what would I have…to say?”), and a recent interview with the Associated Press seems to indicate that might be the next step.

After all, the man’s already graced 14 magazine covers, been a designer muse, donned a bra for a lingerie campaign AND strutted his stuff at all the major shows. Besides a Lady Gaga video, what else is there?