Andrej Pejic Named Stylemaker Of The Year By Out Magazine

Spencer Cain

If anyone rightfully deserves to be honored for style by Out Magazine in their 17th annual Out100, it’s androgynous superstar and one of my favorite working models today, Andrej Pejic. Come on, the guy wore heels and a Versace pencil skirt to meet the Queen of England — he deserves all the recognition he receives!

Oh, and speaking of his infamous Buckingham Palace turn he states he was going for a “’90s Sharon Stone look.” The fact that anyone preparing for a royal event would have Basic Instinct on the brain makes me love this dude even more. But it’s not all stilettos and sunshine for Andrej — “The truth is I have to work twice as hard to be taken seriously,” he says.

While I’m sure this was true in the beginning of his career, he’s a bonafide legend now. He can transition from male to female runways like a champ, and I’m sure he’ll continue to for years to come.

Cheers, Andrej! While many models fall from grace as soon as they ascend to the top, you’ve got real staying power. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.