8 New Details About the KimYe Wedding From Andre Leon Talley

Avery Hoffman

Andre Leon Talley had a seat at the hottest ticket in town: the KimYe wedding, and now he’s ready to talk. After returning from Kim and Kanye’s Italian extravaganza, the dramatic Vogue contributor sat down with Bravo’s Andy Cohen to spill some secrets about the lavish affair and to share some predictions of the couple’s future. If you’re wondering what exactly went down at the celeb-studded bash, here are some of the highlights from Talley’s interview:

1. Talley voted himself Best Dressed
Among a crowd of fashion’s finest, Talley put none other than himself at the top of the wedding’s best dressed list (after the bride and groom, naturally). So what exactly did Talley wear? One of his signature couture caftans, of course!

2. Nobody cared that Bey and Jay didn’t make it
We all know Jay-Z and Kanye are BFFS, so the world was pretty shocked when power couple Jay and Beyoncé were nowhere to be found on Kanye’s big day. Talley reports however, that the wedding was a drama-free zone and no one seemed to notice that Jay and his Queen B weren’t in attendance.

3. Kim and Kanye had not one, not two, BUT FIVE first dances in a row.
It seems as though simple is just not in Kimye’s vocabulary! Instead of partaking in a classic first dance, the couple opted for a first, second, third, fourth, and FIFTH dance at their wedding. Don’t you wonder which songs they chose?

4. Their first kiss was a long one
Now, this is some juicy gossip! Talley told Cohen that, “the kiss was extremley long, which is always a good sign. I would say that there was probably some tongue engagement.”

5. He thinks baby North will soon be joined by a sibling… named South
We can’t wait until Kim is preggers again with West baby no. 2! Of course, his guess is just as good as ours, but we can’t say we love the name South…

6. He didn’t even realize that Rob Kardashian left
This is actually pretty sad! Tabloids were buzzing after Rob Kardashian skipped out on his sister’s wedding following a fight. The worst part about it? Talley said no one seemed concerned about the matter, in fact, he didn’t even notice Rob was missing from the wedding or the family lunch.

7. He dubbed Kim and Kanye, “the new royalty,” and compared them to Liz and Dick
Talley showed some mad respect for the couple by calling them “extraordinary.” He then went on to compare Kimye to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, nodding to the similarities between their lavish lifestyles. He said they have “the yacht, the dogs, the diamonds, the furs, the hot pants, the boots, the arrivals, the departures.”

8. Talley believes that the couple has staying power
Talley seemed truly optimistic that the love between Kim and Kanye will last. Hey, maybe the old “third times a charm” idiom really will work out for Kim.

As for Talley’s predictions, we’ll have to wait and see. But whether you are a fan of KimYe of not, you have to admit that his first-hand account of the big day is pretty entertaining.

Check out the full video below!