André Leon Talley Loses His Sh*t Over Presidential Candidate

Laurel Pinson

Right now Vogue Editor-At-Large Andr Leon Talley has got us intrigued more than usual. This time ALT is getting ready and riled up for the upcoming presidential elections and he is not holding back his opinions of the candidates.

On his Twitter account recently, Talley warned his followers specifically of candidate, Ron Paul: “Ron Paul would have owned slaves if he lived in another time. He did not vote for Martin Luther King Jr.’s annual holiday. Dangerous he is,” quipped Tally.

Ouch. We thought we had heard it all but dangerous is pretty stiff.

We have to admit it, we kind of love it when fashion and politics mix. Like when Lauren Bush married David Lauren, or when President Obama got accused of wearing mom jeans or the unforgettable glamour of Jacqueline Kennedy. Yet regardless if you are ready, Talley is giving his political views straight and not holding back.

Spreading his influence to other arenas other than fashion, Talley is sharing his very pronounced opinion on the upcoming campaign and the candidates, “I wake up and am glad I live in a country where Barak Obama is President,” stated Talley in a recent Twitter post.

We can’t wait to see what’s next from this larger-than-life personality as the election heats up.