Anderson Cooper to Host CFDA Awards! Eniko Gets Colorful

Kerry Pieri

I am an advocate of alleviating the afternoon slump. Consider this the written equivalent of your favorite venti latte… only stronger.


After realizing that Eniko is everything, she continues to prove it in Greg Kadel may Vogue Italia shoot with makeup by Diego Da Silva even when she kinda looks like a clown. (FGR)

And in today’s awesome news, Anderson Cooper is confirmed to host this year’s CFDA Awards to be held on June 6. I love his giggle. (CFDA)

Oprah is going to interview Ralph Lauren as one of her last show’s. His first in almost 20 years apparently. Landmarks! (WWD)

Ad Week asked Jane Pratt about her Tavi collab, eventhough launched today and it’s not the one Tavi is involved with. In particular, they inquired who needs whom more? To which Pratt responded, I dont think it has to be a competition in that way. Im not trying to ride on her coattails or vice versa. We just get along really well and we really see eye to eye. I would do things with Tavi and not have my name publicly attached to it.” Intereting. (Ad Week)


RT @carloSantolalla a publicist I work with just said “our contact from MTV was murdered, is there anyone else we can speak to?” um, what?

RT @heidimount When ever I wear my rain coat I feel a bit like a flasher waiting to happen I’m sure that would make the people around you really happy.

RT @WhoWhatWear So excited that Jason Wuaka @MissWu_NYis on Twitter now! Welcome! Hi Jason Wu!

RT @HuffingtonPost Donald Trump not running for president Maybe the world’s not ending this week!