How a Stylist Would Dress Carrie Bradshaw for ‘And Just Like That…’

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How a Stylist Would Dress Carrie Bradshaw for ‘And Just Like That…’
Photo: Courtesy of HBO Max; Fendi; Amina Muaddi, Suite; Adobe. Design: Bella Gerard/STYLECASTER.

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And just like that…a new show and a slew of new trends are coming our way! I guess the universe knew that we needed a new fashion show to binge, so it has generously graced us with a reboot of Sex and The City premiering this very week. While I don’t know all that much about it yet, I have a feeling that our next few years will be spent obsessing over the And Just Like That fashion trends to come, so I used my stylist instincts to pull some pieces I personally think Ms. Carrie Bradshaw would adore today.

When Sex and The City premiered over 23 years ago, I started watching it in passing, catching reruns while flipping through channels in my early teens. Knowing absolutely nothing of the pressures of New York and failing to grasp many of the show’s key dynamics, little old me still understood one thing loud and clear: Carrie Bradshaw was it. Without knowing anything else, I knew that Carrie represented style, and I was hooked.

There were countless incredible styling moments throughout the entirety of the show, all coordinated by the masterful Patricia Field. Often, I would pause the TV, run to my computer room and Google necessary brands and stores to figure out what the heck these women we were even talking about. This was how I came to the sad realization that, much to my dismay, there was only one Barney’s department store on the east coast, and it wasn’t anywhere near my hometown in North Carolina.

What does the girl who already has everything in her closet want to wear?

Patricia Field, costuming genius and brainchild behind SATC’s iconic wardrobe moments, gave me fashion I could enjoy even if I couldn’t afford the pieces. I cherished Carrie’s on-screen wardrobe as my own until I could have the real thing for myself. I lusted over John Galliano’s newspaper dress, felt the rush that comes from owning (and losing) Manolo Blahniks, and of course, developed a deeper love for Vivienne Westwood than I ever thought possible.

Since moving to New York five years ago and working in the fashion world, I’ve found that girls are always willing to discuss which SATC character they relate to most (Personally, I’m a combination of Carrie and Charlotte). The relevancy of the show continues to live on, so I’m elated that it’s coming back via the reboot. While Carrie’s style evolution throughout the series while sometimes not the most practical—Anyone else remember her storing cashmere sweaters in the oven?—it inspired an entire generation of fashion-obsessed folks like me.

Ever since the series wrapped and the two subsequent films came and went, I’ve often wondered what Carrie would wear in the present. When we left her last, Bradshaw was already a force to be reckoned with in terms of success and style. Perhaps by now, Carrie has signed a few more book deals and bought her first couple of Birkin bags. In 2021, what does the girl who already has everything in her closet want to wear?

STYLECASTER | And Just Like That Fashion Trends

Courtesy of HBO.

I’m most curious to see how Carrie handles the concept of dressing for her age while still loving non-traditional and statement-making fashion, especially now that Patricia Fields is no longer doing the styling (Leave that to Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago!). I can definitely envision an episode where Carrie is told that an outfit is too “young” for her, followed by her proving everyone wrong. In 2021, I see her in more custom, colorful styles—but definitely not a shorter heel height.

When the show does air, I hope to to see Carrie continue rocking her own definitive style. In my opinion, she often looked best when you could tell she wore an outfit because she really liked it, not just because it was in vogue. Below, check out a few of the pieces I’d personally love to style Carrie Bradshaw in for And Just Like That…


Courtesy of Shrimps.

Bold Faux Fur

The one thing I don’t see Carrie wearing in the reboot? Real fur. With so many fun, colorful options that don’t harm our furry friends, I think Carrie will probably nix wearing mink this time around and lean heavily into the world of faux fur, including whimsical styles like this pretty Shrimps coat.



Courtesy of Cynthia Rowley.

An Intro-Worthy Tulle Skirt

When I think of Carrie, I automatically think of tulle. The opening credits for SATC had Carrie running around the city in a fluffy tulle skirt, and throughout the show we her in her favorite airy fabric multiple times. This black tulle iteration from Cynthia Rowley feels just right for 2021 Carrie (and it also comes in Carrie’s signature ballerina pink tulle, too).


Courtesy of Amina Muaddi.

The ‘It’ Shoe

Carrie’s definitely one to keep the party going when it comes to pumps. Yes, she’ll still be wearing Manolos, but I can also see her rocking a pair of quirky-cool Amina Muaddi heels, especially with some cutoff denim. I think it’s safe to say that any new designer with statement sparkly, feathered or PVC heels will grace Carrie’s feet. In addition to shoes from Sarah Jessica Parker’s own SJP brand, of course!



Courtesy of Prada.

A Scrunchie

Out of all the things Carrie swore she’d never wear, a scrunchie is the one I think about most often. For years, I refused to wear one because of the iconic scene where Carrie explains to Jack Berger that no New Yorker would ever be caught dead wearing one. In 2021, she eats her words when Prada releases one too good to pass up.


STYLECASTER | And Just Like That Fashion Trends

Courtesy of Christopher John Rogers.

Christopher John Rogers

This structural Christopher John Rogers dress was practically made for Carrie and a big night out with the girls. She’s always had her finger on the pulse for hot ready-to-wear, and the talented CJR is right on the money for her bold taste.



Courtesy of Fendi.

Designer Tech Accessories

Carrie is all about staying up to date with trendy new accessories, and even though she was pretty anti-tech in the original series, I think cute tech cases like this Fendi AirPods case would convert her once and for all.



Courtesy of LAMARQUE x Revolve.

A Feathery Frock

Feathers have been such a trend for the past few years and they’re having an especially big moment as we speak. We all know Carrie would rock this sexy feathered ensemble like no other! I can just picture her throwing it on with a pair of Manolos, curls tumbling down as she arrives to the bar for cosmos with the girls.




STYLECASTER | And Just Like That Fashion Trends

Courtesy of Susan Alexandra.

New York-Inspired Accessories

Not only can I picture Carrie wearing this adorable beaded bag by Susan Alexandra, I can totally see her wearing it while grabbing a hot dog in the park. So on brand! It’s also pretty small, so it’s unlikely she’ll be able to fit a pack of cigarettes along with her essentials—let’s hope she’s ditched the cigs by 2021, anyway.


STYLECASTER | And Just Like That Fashion Trends

Courtesy of Ganni.


Ganni is for sure a cool-girl brand, and Carrie would absolutely be part of the clique, incorporating their shirting into her everyday styling. I can absolutely see her pairing this simple blouse and its exaggerated collar with a pair of light-wash denim for some contrast.


STYLECASTER | And Just Like That Fashion Trends

Courtesy of SKIMS.

SKIMS Undergarments

I’m so confident that SKIMS is going to make an appearance that I’m pretty much willing to bet money on it. Trading in her Hanes for this more chic undergarment sitch feels appropriate now that our girl has moved into a penthouse apartment with Big.



Courtesy of Suite.

Nods To Former SATC Looks

Some of the most iconic fashion moments from the past 20 years have come from SATC, so I have a feeling there will be subtle nods to the past incorporated into the new looks, like this newspaper coat from NYC-based designer Jennifer Diedrich, which reminds me of John Galliano’s Dior newspaper dress that Carrie helped cement in history.

A version of this article previously appeared in January 2021.

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