An Uber Driver Reviews Kanye West’s Adidas Originals Collection

Laurel Pinson

It’s easy to get jaded by the Fashion Week hubbub, so we’re always looking for ways to see the collections (and the week’s events) through fresh eyes. In our Ask a Real Person series, we ask folks outside the fashion bubble for their take on things, looking at Fashion Week through an entirely “real” perspective.

This season, we’re asking real New Yorkers for their take on some of the season’s buzziest shows. (You’ve read enough reviews from the professionals, right?) Here, Uber partner Mahmoud Broadhead offers her opinions on Kanye West’s much-discussed collection with Adidas Originals. Broadhead wasn’t all that impressed. “I hear a lot about Kanye—I heard that his daughter had a meltdown at one of his fashion shows,” she says. “And I can see why now she might have been a little upset.” Here’s her take on the show.

On her favorite look:
“What I like the best is this vest—she looks like she’s wearing, what do you call those, a bullet-proof vest. Like an alien-type bullet-proof vest. Like she’s going to go fight on the moon or something.”

On the inspiration behind the collection:
“I am not sure. This hole-y sweather [modeled by Kylie Jenner] looks like it’s been eaten up by rats, so I’m not sure, maybe they put it in a cage and let things get to it.”

On a look that didn’t impress her:
“The red outfit—I don’t really see what’s so different about it. That’s something I’ve seen New Yorkers throw on quite a few times.”

On the collection as a whole:
“The womenswear, I think, is more fashionable. The menswear is a bit frumpy.  I don’t really consider that fashion—it looks like he just took a pair of sweatpants—like he came from the gym—forgot his socks, and threw on his girlfriend’s jacket. That’s the way I see it.”