Shop the Ridiculously Chic 2016 Planner Our Editors are Freaking Out Over

an organised lifePhoto: An Organised Life

For me, buying a planner each year is a carefully considered process. The annual ritual usually begins around August, and after much deep thought (and painstaking analysis of page sizes and line spacing) results in a purchase some time in late October.

That all came to an abrupt end last year however, when I discovered boutique brand, An Organised Life, and instantly knew I’d never find another agenda like it again. I know it sounds absurd to freak over stationery, but just hear me out.

An Organised Life isn’t just any old stationery brand: It’s chic, minimalist and beautifully simple. Each page is split into two days–the perfect size, if you ask me–and includes all of the agenda essentials, like a place to write your shopping wish list, notes, and bills. Each diary is also individually wrapped in crisp paper and a ribbon, and all of this boutique-style luxury will set you back $44.95.

an organised lifePhoto: An Organised Life

Even better than the minimalist aesthetic though, was that, as it’s an Australian brand, these diaries were essentially unknown among my friends in the U.S.–at least, until I decided to write this post! I’ve been asked thousands of times over the past year where I got mine, and I’ve always felt pretty smug about it too.

Now for the bad news: Like all wonderful things, An Organised Life diaries sell out in a flash every year, long before New Year’s Eve.

The 2016 diaries will arrive online in August, so take my advice and keep your eye on the site daily if, like me, you can’t see yourself carrying around anything else next year.

In the meantime, there’s also a host of equally sleek notebooks, travel journals, birthday cards, and wall art on offer over at An Organised Life right now. And yes, I own just about all of it already.

an organised lifePhoto: An Organised Life