An Open Plea to Kris Jenner: Never Promote This Again

Jamie Rose

If you thought it was awkward and uncomfortable when Kris Jenner basically made herself the spokesperson of Poise pads last year for her bladder problem, then you’ll think this is even worse. Little Miss I-Will-Do-Anything-To-Make-Money practically wants to be in your bed and part of your sex life.

Mama Kardashian was making TV viewers and news anchors alike feel incredibly awkward when she went on CNN to announce that she is the new spokesperson for Zestra Essential Arousal Oils.

Let’s be honest: her family was probably cringing after watching this. That woman is either not afraid to promote anything or is just way too comfortable with herself. Apparently, making over $65 million a year through numerous television shows, clothing lines and her daughter’s 72-day marriage isn’t enough for Mrs. Jenner.

Want to see the torture poor CNN anchor Don Lemon went through? Watch the video below.

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