An International Tour Of Hangover Cures

Jessica Rubin
An International Tour Of Hangover Cures
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So the deed has been done, the night is over, it’s 2012 and all you’re left with is shame and a raging hangover. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The feeling of despair that comes hand-in-hand with a night of insane alcohol consumption is something we’re quite familiar with.

While we’re busy fighting off our hangovers we know you’re doing the same. So we did a preemptive strike on New Year’s Day misery and found five hangover cures from around the world that are sworn to work. So click through the slideshow above for five dishes that cater to the nausea in your belly and jack hammer in your head.

Happy 2012!

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Mexico - Menudo Soup

Another tripe specialty, this Mexican soup is supposed to be the magical fix to your post-drinking misery. It does contain a lot of Vitamin B, but the large amount of garlic and onion might make it a little difficult to get down. 

Courtesy of Mexico in my Kitchen.

Canada/USA - Prairie Oyster Cocktail

A raw egg yolk smothered in Worcestershire, Tobasco, salt and pepper, this fiery treat will combat toxins in your system -- if you can get past the whole raw egg thing.

Courtesy of Travel and Leisure.

England - Full English Breakfast

Consisting of bacon, sausage, fried tomato, fried mushrooms, toast, baked beans and eggs, this is your typical "eat the hangover away" breakfast. 

Courtesy of Tomayto Tomaaahto.

Japan - Umeboshi Pickled Plums

These guys are medicinal fruit used to "aid digestion" -- just the thing for New Year's morning. The taste is slightly bitter, but the pyric acid it contains balances your digestive system, which strengthens your liver and removes the toxins from your blood. 

Courtesy of The Daily Dust.

Romania - Clorba De Burta

Ok, it might sound a little gross, but this soup, made of tripe, vinegar, garlic, hot pepper, and dollops of sour cream, is supposed to distract your stomach from something other than the copious amounts of alcohol you consumed the night before. 

Courtesy of Travel and Leisure.

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