Amy Winehouse to Design for PPQ


Amy Winehouse has been out of the fashion world for some time now. She traded Chanel couture for cutoffs long ago, but always one for reinvention, she is throwing her hat beehive back in the ring. Grazia reports that the raspy singer will be designing a collection with the British label PPQ.

According to Amy Molyneaux, one half of the design team behind PPQ, “There have been talks with Amy and we are now in the first stages of the project. The range will be all about high-end statement pieces, inspired by Amy’s style. For example maybe an amazing piece of jewellery like a bracelet or a dress. It’s going to be distributed online, we are going to be providing all materials and doing the design, but Amy will definitely be involved in the creative process. It will be very different to Peaches’ line for PPQ as that was more of a diffusion line – this will be a homage to Amy’s look.”

We can’t really imagine how this could turn out well, but it can’t be any worse than what we are imagining either.