Amy Schumer Finds Nothing but Lena Dunham When She Shops for a Size 12

Comedy Central

Comedy Central

“Inside Amy Schumer” proves it cannot, will not quit with its latest searing sketch, skewering fashion’s obsession with thinness and size zero. We see Amy go shopping for a size 12, where’s she’s asked by an annoyingly upbeat salesgirl to “not to scare the thinner customers.” She’s then led to the double-digit section, which is—quite literally—a pasture. (As in, we can only assume, being put out to one.)

There she finds nothing but sunshine, a cow, and—surprise!— Lena Dunham who’s been trapped there for three months after asking for a turtleneck. Oh, and there’s a tarp, a blue tarp. It’s not only perfect to cover herself with, but it’s also sold with a mall pretzel and dipping sauce. Which is not the worst deal.

A fixation on the physical is a common theme in Schumer’s self-parodying work, and she’s made mocking society’s obsession with size, age, and sex appeal a (hilarious) art form. Last month, after Glamour called her a plus-size inspiration, she wrote on Instagram that she’s actually a size 6 or 8, making her size-12 sketch an obvious clapback.

Watch the biting video below