Amy Schumer Says Writer’s Rape Comments Do Not Represent Her


Amy Schumer went on “Charlie Rose” this morning to distance herself from comedian Kurt Metzger, a writer for “Inside Amy Schumer,” after his Facebook rant about rape.

She said Metzger was her friend, and he was on her show specifically to bring that “out-there male perspective” into the writers’ room. However, his comments did not represent her in any way. “That is not representative of me at all,” Amy told Charlie Rose. “I’ve asked him, ‘Can you just stop?’ Because it comes back to me. Because he writes for the show, it’s a bigger story, because of our connection.”

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The rant in question was written earlier this week—and has continued through countless posts on his Facebook page. It came in defense of fellow comedian Aaron Glaser, who was banned from a few NYC comedy clubs after several women accused him of rape. In the rant, Metzger called the women’s accusations into question. “Guys I have just heard some disturbing news, this guy Jiff Dilfyberg is a rapist! I know because women said it and that’s all I need! Never you mind who they are. They are women! ALL women are as reliable as my bible! A book that, much like a women, is incapable of lying,” he wrote.

Facebook / @kurt.metzger

Facebook / @kurt.metzger

In Amy’s interview today, she suggested the real problem isn’t this one incident but society’s understanding of sexual assault. “Let’s focus on actually getting the problem done,” she said. “I want men to hear what happened so that there’s no confusion, because people have different understandings of what sexual assault is, what rape is. Let’s all get on the same page so that it happens less.”

As for “Inside Amy Schumer,” Amy says it’s on hiatus, and that has nothing to do with Metzger’s comments nor does it mean he was fired. “Right now, there are no plans for the TV show to come back in the near future,” she said, “so nobody is on my staff.”


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