Amy Schumer Claps Back at Perez Hilton Saying Her Career Is ‘Stalled’ Because She’s Pregnant

Amy Schumer
Photo: Steven Ferdman/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images.

Amy Schumer’s pregnancy isn’t stopping her from working. The 37-year-old made that clear on Monday when she clapped back at Perez Hilton for reporting that her career is “stalled” because she’s pregnant.

Schumer—who announced her pregnancy last week and is expecting her first child with her husband, Chris Fischer—responded to Hilton after the blogger promoted his podcast on his Instagram with the caption, “#AmySchumer’s career has stalled – but we still really like her! U? This much and more on our latest podcast.”

Immediately, Schumer took to Hilton’s comments to disclaim the report that he career is “stalled” because of her pregnancy. The comedian explained that her career is, in fact, not on hold, but busier than ever, with tours in November and January and a full workload ahead. Schumer, who screenshotted and posted the interaction on her Instagram, ended her comment by spilling some truth tea on how people often assume pregnant women “disappear” when they’re pregnant, when it’s not the case.

“Hey! Who said my career is on hold. I’m touring all of November and January. I’m working the whole time,” she wrote. “Please some assume we disappear when we are pregnant. Quite the opposite. Much love!”

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But Schumer’s clap backs didn’t end there. The Inside Amy Schumer star also responded to those who criticized her for speaking out against the NFL and refusing to do any commercials for the Super Bowl until Colin Kaepernick—who is famous for kneeling during the national anthem in protest of police brutality—was rehired.

“People going on and on about how much you don’t care about my stance on the nfl sure are talking about it a lot,” Schumer wrote. “Instead of being critical of me, i have a crazy idea, how about you trying doing something, anything to help the gross inequality in our country. My contribution is so useless to you guys? Then Why don’t you make one. Do something.”

Read her full statement above.