You Have to See These Outtakes From Amy Poehler’s Old Navy Commercial

Sarah Barnes

Let’s be honest, is there anything Amy Poehler can’t do?

In addition to her gig co-hosting the Golden Globes and her starring role on “Parks and Recreation,” the comedian is popping up in a series of Old Navy commercials – and they’re just as amusing as you’d expect. And as funny as the original commercial is, the outtakes released by Old Navy are even better.

Poehler plays a no-nonsense lawyer who is in awe over a job applicants’ Pixie pants. While skintight gingham pants, magenta heels, and a crew neck t-shirt would never fly during most job interviews, especially at a law firm, we must point out that the model does look absolutely adorable and these may be the funniest commercials Old Navy has ever done.

Check out the commercial (in case you haven’t seen it yet) and all of the hilarious outtakes below: