American Music Awards: A Best Moments Recap


Last night, the American Music Awards aired. Taylor Swift won the most awards of the night, including Favorite Alternative Rock Music Artist, Favorite Country Female Artist, and even beat out Michael Jackson for Artist of the Year. Taylor Swift was not present at the ceremony, but accepted her awards remotely. For a full list of winners see below!

While Rihanna was criticized for her seemingly lackluster performance, Adam Lambert adequately made everyone uncomfortable and feel alienated during his performance of “For Your Entertainment .” With mouths agape, everyone watched as the American Idol runner-up gyrated his groin into a dancer’s face right before taking a seat at the base of a stripper pole with a stripper’s leg on his crotch. (Look out Miley! You and your ice cream cart have got some competition!)

Jennifer Lopez also performed her single, “Brand Endorsement Louboutins,” and unfortunately fell on her ass. That’s ironic. At what point during rehearsal does Jennifer Lopez think, “I can jump off someone’s back. In high heels. And stick it.”?

Thank God Lady Gaga was there to keep everyone entertained. Lady Gaga performed in a nude unitard with a vest and shoes of bones, which were presumably was taken from The Lion King’s elephant graveyard. Lady Gaga proceeded to play a piano on fire. The beats were flaming hot, clearly.

Best Pop Rock Band, Duo or Group: The Black Eyed Peas

Favorite Country Band, Duo or Group: Rascal Flatts

Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist: Taylor Swift (beat out Beyonce and Lady Gaga)

Favorite Alternative Rock Music Artist: Green Day

Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist: Michael Jackson

Favorite Country Male Artist: Keith Urban

T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist: Gloriana
Subtle product placement…

International Artist of the Year: Whitney Houston

Favorite Country Female Artist: Taylor Swift

Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist: Michael Jackson – Winner

Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Male Artist: Jay-Z

Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift