American Idols to Get Styled by Victoria Beckham


Simon Fuller is making a casting call to Victoria Beckham, but it’s not her singing talent that he’s after…the music mogul wants the former Spice Girl to dress some of the contestants of American Idol.

This is not Victoria’s first appearance on American Idol. She made an appearance as a guest judge after Paula Adbul was dramatically ousted from the show. Victoria’s judging debut has received mixed responses from Idol fans, but we have high hopes for her new job on the show. She is signed up to dress the contestants on four episodes, and we can’t wait to see what styling trends the fashion aficionado will bring to the show, especially considering the recent success of her dress collection.

But incorporating Beckham’s fashion sense into the show isn’t all that Fuller is trying to do with American Idol. Rumor has it that the TV producer is also trying to stop Victoria from partnering up with Simon Cowell on the small screen, when The X-Factor goes stateside.

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Victoria is known for fashion-forward statements whenever she steps into the spotlight; she always seems to be one (or two) steps ahead of the trends. But we all know how hard it is to please Simon Cowell. We wonder if the stubborn American Idol judge will give his seal of approval to her styling tips?

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