American Idol: Victoria Beckham Judges! Plus, Her Best Moments on the Show


American Idol spices up its new season with a string of celebrity judges to replace Paula Abdul while waiting for their new permanent judge, Ellen DeGeneres to take over. First on the list was Victoria Beckham, who appeared on the show last night, unfortunately resulting in complete catastrophe. Critics and audiences mocked her intelligence (or lack thereof) sneered at her sartorial choices, and disapproved of her overall gaunt look. Even Simon Cowell had reservations in bringing the once posh Spice Girl onto the show.

We guess Beckham should stick to designing clothing, because clearly judging singing isn’t her thing. But because we still love Victoria (and her style) here’s a list of her best moments from last night’s episode of American Idol:

The Close Up:
The outfit and accessory that made audiences cringe…

The Clash:
The moment when Beckham dared to dispute Cowell’s insulting judgment toward a contestant, which fortunately saved the contestant a spot on the next episode.

The Twins:
Backstage, Beckham cozied up with her matching twin clad in red — except he switched out a head scarf for a set of headphones.

The Talk Back:
A fan of the show who is apparently not a fan of Beckham remarked: “You’re just David Beckham’s wife.” Ouch, that’s a burn, if we do say so ourselves.