Netflix Fix: ‘American Horror Story’ Is the Perfect Pre-Halloween Show

Megan Segura

In our new series “Netflix Fix”, we highlight what our editors are binge-watching over the weekend, whether it’s a season (or three) of a buzzy show, an obscure series you haven’t heard of (or haven’t thought about in years), or a full-length film or two, the aim is to inspire you to start watching also. Why? Not only will you likely discover some kick-ass entertainment, but also because we’ll need allies with which to geek out about our favorite shows and movies. Happy watching!


I’m a sucker for a good scary movie; not the campy or gory kind, but the kind that leaves you too terrified to fall asleep. I found something similar in the FX series “American Horror Story.” The first season, which is on Netflix now, follows the story of a family that moves into a home haunted by its former occupants. While the premise may sound hokey, it is anything but. Here are five reasons why you need to watch it immediately:

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1. Connie Britton.
I’ve already professed my love for Connie in “Friday Night Lights,” and she is equally amazing in this series as Vivien Harmon, the wife to philandering Ben Harmon (played by Dylan McDermott). Together with their daughter Violet (played by Vera Farmiga‘s younger sister Taissa Farmiga), the family encounters the ghosts of those who have lived in their house before them.

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2. The show keeps you guessing. 
When Vivien and Ben meet the ghosts of people who used to live in their home, they don’t know  they’re ghosts right away. As the viewer, you don’t always know either, and you actually find yourself needing a notepad to keep track.

3. Each season runs as a self-contained mini-series.
I found this component particularly interesting. Once season one ends, you’re completely done with those characters and those particular story lines. So while some of the actors may return for season two (available on Netflix in December) and three (currently on air), they will be playing completely different characters.

4. Jessica Lange.
This seriously talented actress can do no wrong in my book. She’s already won a well-deserved Emmy and Golden Globe for her work on the show, and if you’ve ever seen the movie “Hush,” then you know just how creepy she can be.

5. It’s seriously scary.
I started watching one episode a night right before bed, and then realized I would never fall asleep if I didn’t end the night with something a little more light-hearted. Even the opening credits are frightening.