American Apparel Employee Opens Up About Sexual Imprisonment

Kerry Pieri

The latest in sexual harassment cases against Dov Charney, founder of American Apparel, might even be more disturbing than the last ones. Irene Morales, Charney’s most recent accuser, went on the Today Show with her lawyer this morning to discuss the details of her alleged abuse by the infamous CEO. The girl who started working at AA in 2007 at age 17, reported incidents of being imprisoned in Charney’s home for hours at a time where she would be subject to sexual abuse. She goes on to explain that she didn’t tell anyone about the incidents initially, saying, “I didn’t contact the police or my friends or my family. It’s something very shameful and embarrassing I didn’t want to tell anyone about it.”

Today also cuts to tape of past depositions where Charney delightfully says that he pulled down his pants in front of employees to show off the product, i.e. American Apparel underwear, that he was so proud of and that calling someone a slut could be, “an endearing term.”

Meredith rightfully asks Morales why she continued to work at American Apparel throughout the time of abuse, even leaving and going back to work at the store. Morales explained that she needed the money for schooling, but I don’t personally understand why she couldn’t find another retail job. Victims of sexual abuse also often react unexpectedly, so I’m certainly not judging. Morales is suing for $2.5 million. Watch the full video segment below.

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