American Apparel Ads Are Creepy, Portman’s Engagement Ring

Kerry Pieri

We’re advocates of alleviating the afternoon slump. Consider this the written equivalent of your favorite venti latte… only stronger!


American Apparel is going all pervy again with super gross illustrations for cotton panties. I don’t even say panties but this grossness kind of brings it out of you. (Styleite)

Kiera Knightly was terrified to shoot her Chanel ads. “With the first one I think we were all a bit worried because we didn’t know if it was going to sell well and it was taking over this enormous thing,” she says. “It was quite frightening!” (Vogue UK)

Arielle Noa of Something Navy joined the creative team of Singer 22, proving the best way to get a job in fashion is to first blog. (Singer 22)

Natalie Portman’s engagement ring is somehow Vegan. I don’t get it. (The Frisky)

Christian Louboutain is making custom skates for Johnny Weir. Love. It. (BlackBook)


RT @HanneliM [Hanneli Mustaparta] Thank you! RT @balmainb @HanneliM i would comment on your blog but there is too many comments! so i write i here. love your style! so simple #goodproblemtohave

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RT @staceybendet stacey bendet Dear YSL-i love u! I concur.

RT @derekblasberg I have saved a text message from last night from @iamMarkRonson that simply says “You are the worst.” That’s so sweet.

RT @ELLEmagazine Penn Badgley wants the world to know he can really act I watched Gossip Girl on Monday and I believe him.

RT @fashionologie fashionologie W Reporter Recounts a Tale of Carine Roitfeld Being Snippy I don’t believe this one!