Amber Rose Slams Misconception that Women Are ‘Freaky’ for Using Sex Toys

Amber Rose Slams Misconception that Women Are ‘Freaky’ for Using Sex Toys
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Whether she’s preaching the skin-care benefits of masturbation or talking about her love for self-pleasuring in front of the mirror, Amber Rose is 100-percent here for alone time in the bedroom. What she isn’t here for are people who believe in double standards and call women ho-ish and freaky for using sex toys and wanting sexual pleasure.

The 34-year-old model called out the sexist misconception in an interview with BET, where she encouraged women to explore their bodies and lambasted those who slut-shamed them for doing so.

“I feel like it’s been like that since the beginning of time, that we are unworthy of pleasure and if we do want a sex toy, we’re considered freaky or ho-ish,” Rose said. “I personally don’t believe that. I feel like it’s a beautiful thing to be able to explore your body and get to know yourself.

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For Rose, masturbation ensures safe sex, as well as prepares you for better sex when you do have it with a partner. “I’m a huge advocate for masturbation, it’s the safest sex in the world,” Rose said. “And there’s nothing like knowing your own body and even introducing toys into your sex like. Even with your partner because as women, you don’t orgasm every time you have sex, so to get a little extra boost and a little extra help there is nothing wrong with that!”

Masturbation and sexual pleasure isn’t just for the young and spry either. Rose encourages people of all ages, whether they have kids or not, to experiment with themselves in the bedroom and explore their sexuality.

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“I think just being vocal about it [sex toys] and doing interviews like this really helps to let people know they shouldn’t feel ashamed,” she said. “Whether you’re young or older, or if you’re a mom you still deserve to feel pleasure and be happy. As human beings we’re sexual beings, we’re just born that way and we shouldn’t frown on it or shame it.”

Not sure what kind of sex toy to start with? Lucky for you, Rose just launched a new line with sex toy brand LELO to make shopping that much easier. “Listen, I’m for everyone picking and choosing what they want to do in their life,” Rose said.

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