Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian Are Breaking the Internet with This Selfie

Cady Lang

In case you thought today was going to be a typical Tuesday, go ahead and throw all ambition and motivation to the wind because Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian West decided to break the Internet, in a unified attempt to combat the after-effects of male ego and stupidity.

The two both posted the same Instagram of them hanging out late last night, in a seeming attempt to solve the havoc that Kanye West and his dumb tweets have brought upon their (and actually all of our) lives in the most Kim K-esque of peace-making solutions—a selfie. Amber wryly captioned hers “Swingers 🐸☕️” and Kim, “Tea anyone?”

I have so many questions about this. SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

Does this mean that Kanye is going to stop dragging Amber every time he does an interview? Will Amber and Wiz Khalifa‘s baby, Sebastian, now have play dates with North West? How did this come about? Was #fingersinthebootyassbitch brought up? What did they even TALK about? Did Kanye ever get cool pants like Wiz? And what does this mean for Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna? Is Khloé panicking yet?

Ah, life. Here’s to two young mothers simply trying to fix what male stupidity has caused.