Amber Rose Comes to Kim Kardashian’s Defense

Cady Lang

It looks like Kim Kardashian West has found an unlikely ally in Amber Rose, following the nude selfie that’s divided the Internet the last few days.

A quick recap of the past 36 hours for those of you who might have missed one of the more bizarre social media beefs of our time—Kim K. posted a nude selfie, which is pretty on-brand for her, but the Internet and some notable celebs still lost their shit.


The most significant of which were Bette Midler and Chloe Grace Moretz, who both tweeted some choice words about said selfie that had some verifiable levels of slut-shaming and respectability politics, despite being 140 characters or less.

Later, Kim clapped back at both of them in a series of tweets that demonstrated how much she has learned about social media etiquette from her husband, Kanye West, who has made it his hobby of late to troll/ether people on Twitter. You can read the full recap of her Twitter rant, here.

Still interested? So, then Pink decided that she also needed to subtweet about Kim Kardashian’s selfie because #InternationalWomensDay and also because there obviously weren’t enough celebs weighing in on the topic.

Which led Amber Rose, undisputed queen of the clapback, staunch feminist, and anti-slut-shamer (also Kanye West’s ex and probably the only person who can successfully roast him on Twitter) to rise up and defend Kim Kardashian West from the haters—going so far as to respectfully call out Pink on her slut-shaming and then give a shout-out to Kim’s multifaceted view of womanhood. She then invited Kardashian and her sisters to participate in her annual slut walk, which aims to break down stigmas around female sexuality.



This was a pretty big move for Amber, having had her share of tangles with the Kardashians in the past. But the ladies do have a lot in common—while some might immediately jump to the Kanye connect, they’re both female entrepreneurs who have dealt with slut-shaming, especially in the public eye.