15 Semi-Unnecessary Things I Bought On Amazon Because Of TikTok

Bella Gerard
15 Semi-Unnecessary Things I Bought On Amazon Because Of TikTok
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon; Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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Two of my favorite things to do when I’m bored are scroll through TikTok and online shop, and believe me, I’m proud of neither. Still, I can’t resist buying some of the amazing Amazon TikTok products that fill my feed on the reg. Hashtags like #AmazonFinds and #AmazonMustHaves have not just millions, but billions of views on the app, and I’m probably guilty of contributing at least a billion views myself. What can I say, it relaxes me!

I don’t just watch these TikTok Amazon hauls, though—I screenshot the videos when I see products that interest me, and sooner or later, I give into the temptation and order them for myself. I’ve done this countless times, and while I wish I had more self-control when it comes to impulse-buying, I have to admit that I’ve found almost all of my TikTok-inspired purchases to be hella useful. Like, I didn’t know I needed them, but now I can’t live without them.

To be honest, I didn’t know the majority of these items even existed until TikTok brought them to my attention. From a machine that takes steaming-hot coffee to iced perfection in seconds to a fogless shower mirror, so many of my Amazon purchases made based on TikTok reviews have been major game-changers. There are also a few things I bought purely for aesthetics, like an acrylic tissue box and bougie cereal dispensers, but that’s OK, too! The point is, Amazon can be a little overwhelming with its millions of product offerings, so scrolling some TikTok reviews can really help you find a few new favorites.

With that, read on for 15 Amazon purchases I fully blame TikTok for making me buy, all of which I honestly love and highly recommend. If you can’t help but order a few things as you scroll through, I highly recommend checking out the aforementioned Amazon hashtags on TikTok, too. Happy impulse-shopping!

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This Instant Coffee-Cooler

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courtesy of Maxi-Matic.

The Maxi-Matic HyperChiller
was the very first thing I purchased by way of TikTok influence. It takes hot coffee and makes it cold in a matter of seconds—no more brewing a pot and then putting it in the fridge for an hour or watering it down with tons of ice!


This Cute AF Ceramic Lip Dish

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courtesy of Wang-Data.

OK, so this is touted as a cigarette ashtray
, but I actually have it one my vanity holding a few of my prettiest lipsticks and glosses, and it looks so. freaking. cute. Lips holding my lip products? Clever AF.


This All-In-One Toothbrush Holder

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courtesy of Wekity.

The Wekity Toothbrush Holder
mounts onto your wall and fits five toothbrushes and four water cups, plus two built-in automatic toothpaste dispensers. This was definitely one of those didn’t-need-it, had-to-have-it purchases, and I love it.


This Small But Mighty Car Diffuser

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courtesy of Akehuoeng.

I hate, hate, hate when my car smells bad, so when I saw a TikTok user post this Akehuoeng USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser
, I was over the moon. You technically don’t have to use it in your car, but it’s the perfect size and strength.

This Personal Sound Alarm, Just In Case

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courtesy of Weten.

As a NYC gal, I jumped to order this Weten Personal Alarm Keychain
. Just knowing I have it if needed makes me feel better about walking around alone, especially in the city at night. It’s not a weapon, just an alarm to sound if needed to both attract help and scare off any potential threats.

This Convenient AF Bag Sealer

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courtesy of Luxby.

OK, where has this been all my life? This Luxby Mini Bag Sealer
is a kitchen must, as I have a ton of snack bags but hate the look of clunky bag clamps. Not only does this tool act as a cutter to open bags, but it also seals them back up, so your food stays fresh.

This Hella Aesthetic Tissue Holder

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courtesy of HBLife.

I have always been someone who likes a tidy counter space, and while I need my tissues, they always come in cardboard boxes with weird patterns. Sorry, Kleenex! From now on, I’ll be taking my supply and storing them in this chic HBLife Tissue Dispenser Box
instead. Much better.


This No-Touch Tool For Opening Doors

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courtesy of Hygeni-Key.

OK, now THIS is a 2020 essential. Use this Hygeni-Key Tool
to open doors, press elevator buttons or ATM keypads…basically whenever you don’t want your fingers touching a public surface. Genius. This 2-pack is under $10!


This Bougie Cereal Dispenser

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courtesy of Zevro.

Another didn’t-need-it, had-to-have-it buy, this Zevro/GAT200 Indispensable Dry Food Dispenser
makes my Vanilla Special K taste a thousand times fancier. That’s not been scientifically proven, but I swear it’s true.


A Shower Mirror That Doesn’t Fog

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courtesy of Honeybull.

I never thought about it prior to seeing this on TikTok, but a shower mirror is a great idea for when I’m washing my face, detangling my hair or applying a hair mask, don’tcha think? This Honeybull Fogless Shower Mirror
even has a little holder for my razor. They really think of everything!

A Couch Coaster So I Can Sit & Sip

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courtesy of CouchCoaster.

Whether you don’t have a coffee table or you’re just too lazy to move from the couch, this convenient CouchCoaster
holds your drinks on the arm of the sofa without you having to worry about the threat of spills. Perfect for anyone like me who needs an iced coffee within reach at all times.

This Charging Cord You Won’t Have To Bend

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courteys of DFLASHS.

My iPhone chargers always fray at the base after months of use, but this DFLASHS Right Angle Lightning Cable 3-Pack
has cords with chargers placed at a 90-degree angle, rather than at the end of the cord. This could actually be the last pack of chargers you ever have to buy, so long as you don’t lose them.


This Super Safe Portable Door Lock

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courtesy of Moho Tech.

If you travel or live in an apartment complex where someone else has a key to your unit, the Moho Tech Portable Door Lock
can help you sleep a bit safer. It takes just seconds to attach to your door, and boom! No one can enter until you remove it.


These Reusable Dry Erase Sticky Notes

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courtesy of Quick Canary.

If you’re looking for a more eco-conscious alternative to Post-Its, these Quick Canary Dry Erase Sticky Notes
are the move. You can reuse them up to 3000 times—think of all the paper you’ll save!

This Cute Phone Charging Station

STYLECASTER | amazon TikTok products

Courtesy of Verbach.

One more tech-y pick, but make it cute! This Verbach Fast Wireless Charger Stand
comes in white, pink and black, and you can place your phone vertically or horizontally (great for binge-watching YouTube videos!) as it charges sans-cord.


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