Amazon Enlists 8 Fashion It-Girls for New ‘Say Something Nice’ Campaign

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For every “#goals” or “💙 💙 💙” comment fashion bloggers get on their Instagrams, there’s the odd hater (inevitably with an account set to private) telling them to lose some weight/eat a cheeseburger/get better style.

It’s not unfamiliar territory to any woman online, whether it comes in the form of Twitter trolls, Facebook creeps, or secondhand shame from seeing a newspaper call out yet another celeb for her “unflattering” outfit or “unsightly” weight gain.

Now, Amazon Fashion wants to fight back, and it has enlisted bloggers Susie Bubble, Camille Charrière, Freddie Harrel, Gala Gonzalez, Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco, Masha Sedgwick, Clementine Desseaux and Hana Tajima to spread the word about its new “Say Something Nice” campaign.

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In a video released today, the multinational group speaks out about the nasty comments it’s received online (“I should be ashamed to be on TV; I should be ashamed to [model] underwear at my size,” recalls Desseaux), in intimate interviews, many of which appear to have been shot from their bedrooms.

The gals also confess to judging other women themselves (c’mon: who hasn’t?), but in the end, come to the conclusion that fashion and social media should be a place of freedom, pledging to “Say Something Nice,” as the slogan goes. “If everyone stopped judging each other for one day—gosh, I think people would be so much happier,” says Lau.

Here, we’ll start! Susie, your bedspread looks dope. Who’s next?

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