Shoppers Say This Organization Hack Makes Their Refrigerators ‘100% More Functional’ & It’s On Sale

Katie Decker-Jacoby
Shoppers Say This Organization Hack Makes Their Refrigerators ‘100% More Functional’ & It’s On Sale

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Have you ever looked into your fridge and wondered where all the space went? If the groceries piled on groceries in your refrigerator are painful to look at, it’s time to get organized. Lucky for you, there are plenty of product hacks that can solve this common problem. We found one that truly seems to be the best solution for any messy fridge.

These refrigerator organizers are total space-savers. They’ll Marie Kondo your fridge in one fell swoop. All you have to do is attach the railing onto your existing shelves and then slide the bins into place. Suddenly, you have a whole new level of storage to hold your fave veggies, must-have Trader Joe’s eats and more.

The coolest part is that you can adjust the length of the railing to fit your specific fridge. You can also insert removable dividers into the drawers to designate spaces for certain items, like if you want to separate your tomatoes from your broccoli.

“These drawers work so well! I love them. They really extend the fridge space
and make it look organized,” wrote one five-star reviewer.

All in all, you’re in for one tidy and efficient fridge with these organizer bins.

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Here’s how the organizers work. They utilize a pull rod design that optimizes the space under your existing fridge shelves. The drawers should fit conveniently at the front of your fridge and within reach thanks to the railing’s ability to stretch from 11.6 inches to 16.5 inches in length. There’s also a retention system so that the bins won’t slide out of place and make a huge mess. And for easy use, there are clear drawer handles that provide a better grip.

Whether you need more space for produce, a separate area for your dairy products or a distinct section for your oddly shaped condiments, these refrigerator organizing solutions can handle it. 

“I bought a new refrigerator and it doesn’t have any kinds of drawers with the exception of the bottom,” wrote one shopper. “These additional drawers make my refrigerator 100% more functional. They are easy to install and work like a dream!”

These bins are also great for seeing everything you have stocked up in your fridge so that you avoid wasting food. “I bought this to hold small things that get lost. I use it for shredded cheeses! Works great!” wrote another reviewer.

Just be sure to check that your fridge is compatible with these handy drawers. If your refrigerator has slanted shelf edges or shelves thicker than 0.6 inches, the bins won’t install correctly. Additionally, the bins won’t fit right if the depth of your fridge is smaller than 11.6 inches or larger than 16.5 inches.

Either way, your fridge will look so tidy and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without these space-saving refrigerator organizer bins.

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