You Can Get Genuinely Cute Leggings on Amazon for Under $40

You Can Get Genuinely Cute Leggings on Amazon for Under $40
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If you’re anything like us, you know the easiest way to get motivated to hit the gym is: shopping. Nothing gets us ready to jog or lift weights like some killer workout clothes—especially when you can affordably ship those clothes straight to your front door.

Below, nine pairs of genuinely cute, genuinely affordable leggings you can buy on Amazon right now (plus, why we love them).

1. 90 Degree by Reflex High-Waist Power Flex Legging

High Waist Power Flex Legging by 90 Degree By Reflex

Image courtesy of Amazon

Made for women on the go, these high-performing Power Flex Leggings double as comfortable shapewear that hug your curves for a  figure-flattering silhouette. From the studio to the streets, you can rock these leggings in confidence thanks to their moisture wicking, four-way stretch material.

90 Degree by Reflex high-waist Power Flex legging, $15-45 at Amazon 

2. Tesla Yoga Pants

Tummy Control Yoga Pants by Tesla

Image courtesy of Amazon

Work out without any restrictions in these ultra-stretchy yoga pants. Lightweight and comfortable, they’re designed to contour to your curves.

Tesla yoga pants, $9-14 at Amazon 

3. Baleaf Yoga Bootleg Pants

Women's Yoga Bootleg Pants by Baleaf

Image courtesy of Amazon

Soft and breathable, this pair of sweat-wicking workout pants means you’ll stay dry and stylish no matter how hard you push yourself during your workout. This style features a mini hidden waistband pocket to secure essentials like your keys and cards, and has an elastic waistband for a snug and comfortable fit.

Baleaf yoga bootleg pants, $22-25 at Amazon

4. Oalka Capri Yoga Leggings

Women's Capri Yoga Leggings by OalkaImage courtesy of Amazon

Designed with four-way stretch fabric, you’ll be able to take on those tricky yoga moves while keeping everything in place.

Oalka capri yoga leggings, $17-19 at Amazon 

5. Dragon Fit Compression Yoga Pants

Compression Yoga Pants by Dragon Fit

Image courtesy of Amazon

Engineered to contour to your shape with each stretch, pose, and movement, this pair of graphic compression leggings will let you move freely while looking incredibly stylish.

Dragon Fit compression yoga pants, $17-22 at Amazon

6. Ododos Pocket Workout Stretch Pants

Out Pocket Workout Stretch Pants by Ododos

Image courtesy of Amazon

These versatile leggings combine fashion, function, and performance. Made with high-quality opaque fabric, you’ll power through your workout without having to worry about your pants getting see-through as you sweat. The side pocket also allows you to keep your phone, cards, and keys close to you for outdoor workouts—an obvious plus.

Ododos pocket workout stretch pants, $19-21 at Amazon 

7. Baleaf High-Waist Yoga Pants

High Waist Yoga Pants by Baleaf

Image courtesy of Amazon

Hit the track without chafing, thanks to this streamlined pair of high-waisted performance tights. They’re designed with moisture-wicking and non-see-through fabrics to keep you comfortable and covered all workout long.

Baleaf high-waist yoga pants, $13-23 at Amazon 

8. Ongasoft Winter Yoga Capris

Winter Yoga Capris by Ongasoft

Image courtesy of Amazon

Style merges with performance with these luxurious active tights by Ongasoft. Whether you’re taking a brisk walking or training for a marathon, these capris hug the curves of your body to reduce skin friction and irritation, while its pocket design safely houses your valuables.

Ongasoft winter yoga capris, $15-39 at Amazon 

9. Mono B Performance Activewear

Women's Performance Activewear by Mono B

Image courtesy of Amazon

These full-length leggings boast sleek mesh side panel accents, making them a stylish choice both in and out of the gym. Wear them to yoga or errands—or around your house on the weekend.

Mono B performance activewear, $25-34 at Amazon 

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