This $9 Scrubber Is a ‘Life Saver’ & Will Wipe Away Your Knife-Cleaning Nerves

Katie Decker-Jacoby
This $9 Scrubber Is a ‘Life Saver’ & Will Wipe Away Your Knife-Cleaning Nerves

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I’m not afraid to admit that cleaning knives scares the crap out of me. I actually hate using knives in the kitchen for fear of accidentally chopping my fingers off. Do I still use them while cooking? Yes, I have to. Do I enjoy cleaning them? Absolutely not. Washing my knives makes it even harder to avoid nicking myself with a sharp, pointy object. It’s pretty much impossible to cook without them, though, so thank goodness we found a brush that’s a safe, foolproof way to clean knives.

Joseph Joseph’s BladeBrush takes away all the stress and danger around scrubbing your knives. It cleans sharp blades and because it has a wrap-around design, both sides of the knife get the same amount of attention. It also has sturdy bristles that won’t snap against serrated edges like what happens when you clean your knives with a flimsy sponge. 

Not to mention, it has a textured grip so that you don’t lose hold of the cleaner and potentially cut yourself. Scrubbing knives, cutlery and other cooking utensils just got a whole lot safer and less anxiety-inducing. 

“It is well known in my house that if I hold a knife, I will cut myself! This Joseph Joseph Knife Cleaning Brush has been a life saver!”

With this $9 knife scrubber, you can finally wash those tough food clumps and stains away for good and put an end to accidentally slicing your fingers and chopping sponges in half.

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Joseph Joseph BladeBrush Knife Cleaner Brush Amazon

Photo: Joseph Joseph.

To use, simply sandwich your knife in between both sides and scrub back and forth. You can also squeeze on a dot of dish soap for tougher jobs. There are plenty of other functions for the brush, too, as we discovered in the reviews section. 

“This is a great little gadget. It’s perfect for cleaning the knives and other utensils that I don’t put in the dishwasher,” wrote one shopper. “Does a great job on medium and small plastic lids too.”

To clean the scrubber, wash it by hand and then place it on your dish rack or on the side of your sink to dry. 

“I am obsessed with this brush. It cleans sticky foods off flatware, wooden spoons, cooking utensils!! It is amazing!! I will be purchasing for friends!!”

Even if you’re not scared of cutting yourself or aren’t clumsy in the kitchen, Joseph Joseph’s $9 BladeBrush makes cleaning your razor-sharp knives and pointy cutlery such a breeze.

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