7 Amazon Fashion Finds That Influencers Said I Needed

7 Amazon Fashion Finds That Influencers Said I Needed
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon; Adobe.

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Influencers are at the forefront of everything. When I say everything, I mean the latest and greatest in trends including the new Zara must-haves, the Coach Pillow Tabby (which obviously I need) and of course, all worthwhile influencer-approved Amazon finds. To be frank, if my favorite influencer says I need a new Pinterest-inspired bucket hat and matching swimsuit, then I go buy a Pinterest-inspired bucket hat and matching swimsuit. My paycheck knows no bounds when it comes to the golden words of the elite fashion bloggers that I aspire to shop like.

Sometimes, though, when these fashion bloggers promote a brand, it’s one that the masses simply cannot afford (I’m looking at you, you Revolve-promoting, Chanel-wearing money-suckers!). More recently, though, I’ve discovered that even the girls who buy Gucci for the ‘Gram have rent to pay and groceries to buy, not to mention skincare products to review on their IG Stories and expenses that they don’t always foresee. So, even they want some cute pieces on the cheap!

Where’s the one place I look to when I’m trying to make my money stretch? Amazon, of course. With the convenience of Amazon and its wide array of fast-shipped, fashion-forward pieces to buy, it’s no surprise that TikTok creators and Instagrammers flock to the site. Maybe they’re also being paid to promote it, but hey, who knows these days?

This, however, is not a paid advertisement, I just really love these products. From cut-out dresses to croc textured purses and swimsuits that flatter all body types, Amazon fashion has really upped its game in recent years and I think these pieces are well worth the splurge.

With that, read on for seven influencer-recommended Amazon finds that I actually bought and loved.

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STYLECASTER | Amazon Fashion Influencer Favorites

Courtesy of Barabum.

This Staple Shoulder Bag

This faux-croc textured bag is beloved by influencer Kate Bartlett and it’s so chic. It comes in a multitude of colors and patterns and the aesthetic never fails. The snow leopard print, zebra print and khaki options are all my personal faves. Oh, and the best part: It’s just under $20!


STYLECASTER | Amazon Fashion Influencer Favorites

Courtesy of YDAOWKN.

These Retro-Inspired Sunnies

I’m obsessed! These sunnies recommended by Emma Kopang are my favorite of all my Amazon fashion discoveries. The lenses are immaculate, the pricing is immaculatethe vibes are truly immaculate. You can never go wrong with retro-inspired sunglasses that make you feel like you’re having the Italian summer of your dreams.


STYLECASTER | Amazon Fashion Influencer Favorites

Courtesy of SOLILOQUY.

This Collared Halter Top

Hear me out, I was seeing this knit top everywhere and it’s 100 percent everything you think it is and more. I’ve been dying to find a House of Sunny-inspired piece with a more affordable price tag and this is it. After influencer Helena Critchey recommended it, I was sold. 


STYLECASTER | Amazon Fashion Influencer Favorites

Courtesy of pesfeel.

This Statement-Making Swimsuit

One-piece swimsuits have been making their comeback this year and I am so here for it. This sexy cutout one-shoulder monokini recommended by Lauren Wolfe makes me want to book an island getaway right now. I’m living for the asymmetry and this vibrant graphic pattern!


STYLECASTER | Amazon Fashion Influencer Favorites

Courtesy of HnuanLui.

This Groovy Knit Set

This bomb Y2K-inspired two-piece set looks as comfy as be, and influencer Caroline Freixa is a fan. If you’re looking for a uniform to live in this summer, this just might be it.


STYLECASTER | Amazon Fashion Influencer Favorites

Courtesy of ROMWE.

This Sexy Cutout Mini Dress

You can thank me later for this rec from Nola Viva. Just when you thought summer couldn’t get any hotter, this sizzling bodycon dress shows up at your doorstep to turn up the heat a few extra degrees. No complaints, here!


STYLECASTER | Amazon Fashion Influencer Favorites

Courtesy of Verdusa.

This Essential Halter Top

This versatile criss-cross top recommended by Samira Radmehr will be all the rage this summer. That you can tie it multiple ways is definitely its most compelling feature, not to mention the wide range of colors (26!) and fabrics it comes in. If this top isn’t in your arsenal of go-to summer staples, you’re doing it wrong!

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