The Leggings That Dethroned TikTok’s Beloved Butt-Lifting Ones Are 30% Off For Black Friday Only

Katie Decker-Jacoby
The Leggings That Dethroned TikTok’s Beloved Butt-Lifting Ones Are 30% Off For Black Friday Only
Photo: Courtesy: Amazon. Image: Cierra Miller / StyleCaster.

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Leggings naturally squeeze everything in, but not all of them lift your bum. Butt-lifting leggings have been all over TikTok and social media for a while now, but something we didn’t expect to occur just happened—and it’s major news. The TikTok-viral pair that initially rose to fame has been knocked down in Amazon’s best seller rankings (gasp!). 

Colorfulkoala’s high-waisted, full-length leggings have earned first place in Amazon’s hierarchy of best-selling activewear leggings. That means a lot, since it seemed like the TikTok butt-lifting ones would never fall (even Lizzo loves them). These new winners must truly be something else to have this title, and after reading over countless reviews, we have a pretty good idea why they’re so beloved. 

Instead of a typical polyester and spandex blend that most leggings have, the Colorfulkoala leggings
are made of buttery soft nylon and spandex. The fabric won’t show your undies when you squat, and affords you plenty of stretchiness, whether you’re exercising or running errands. It’s also lightweight and moisture-wicking, which will go a long way during your next sesh with Cody Rigsby from Peloton. On top of that, the seamless waistband tucks in your tummy and doesn’t bunch up, pinch, or roll down.

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It’s pretty easy to see why over 22,000 shoppers gave these leggings a perfect five-star rating. Plus, you can choose from 16 amazing colors and sizes XS to XL. They also won’t rip through your wallet, since they’re on sale for Black Friday, costing you just $16.

Colorfulkoala Butt-Lifting Leggings in Pink

Courtesy of Colorfulkoala.

“I love these leggings,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “They are buttery soft. They aren’t see through & provide a lot of lift. 10/10 would recommend!” 

However, one stan in particular has us completely sold on these leggings, writing, “As a member of the large butt group I would like to say BUY THEM!! They are so flattering and comfortable!! I would recommend them to anyone!! Why are you still reading this? Go buy them!!”

Say no more, bestie. We’re on our way to buy at least three colors.


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Earlier when we said they’re squat-proof and super stretchy, we meant it. In the short video, fitness TikToker @jveselkova even demonstrates how they move when she squats. She says, “I’ve gotten them a few times now, and I would say that they’re definitely a good alternative for Lululemon leggings, without the price tag.” Many other TikTokers and Amazon shoppers also claim these leggings to be the best Lululemon dupes around. 

Honestly, though, these leggings may very well become your new daily uniform. The world is your runway and it’s about time you start strutting your stuff in Colorfulkoala’s Amazon-approved, best-selling leggings.

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