Amanda Bynes’ Net Worth: How Rich Is She Really?

Spencer Cain

Amanda Bynes Manhattan Criminal Court Appearance - July 9, 2013
With all the hoopla surrounding Amanda Bynes in recent months, it’s safe to say that most people are paying attention to the troubled former Nickelodeon starlet. Erratic behavior, aggressive tweets, and alleged drug use have made her a tabloid fixture for all the wrong reasons, and it’s been very depressing to watch her downfall.
As of late, however, her parents have become re-involved in her life and she seems to be getting help—which we commend her for. However, in the past year, it’s become clear that Bynes throws caution to the wind when it comes to spending money, and we decided to investigate just how much she’s actually worth.
Estimated Net Worth: Although she has repeatedly claimed that her fortune is on par with fellow former child stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, her parents beg to differ, as they recently revealed in court documents that she has about $4 million in the bank. She’s been spending at a rapid pace, and reportedly blew through $1.2 million of her savings in less than a year. In fact, her parents sought to take control of her finances after they discovered she withdrew $200,000 in less than a month.
Salary: Currently Bynes is not receiving any income aside from interest on her savings and investments she might have, as she has repeatedly noted she is a retired actress. However, she was reportedly working on a clothing line recently. For years though, she did earn a substantial amount of money. In 2007, Forbes reported she banked a cool $2.5 million. At this point, she was the fifth highest paid actress under the age of 21—which isn’t too shabby by any means.
Business Ventures: Her first attempt at a fashion line was back in 2007, when she launched a collection with retailer Steve & Barry’s and signed a five year deal with them. The line, called Dear, was a moderate success—except the company went bankrupt the following year. She was also recently offered a hip-hop record deal, but due to her current situation, she has been unable to produce anything as of yet.
Real Estate: Bynes reportedly still owns a pretty swanky pad in California (which she purchased recently—in late 2011), where she resided before she came to New York City to pursue her fashion line last year. The house, located in Calabasas (hello, the Kardashians are neighbors!) is 4,618 square feet and includes four bedrooms. She purchased it for $1,879,000. Frankly, we’re confused as to why she would abandon the mini-mansion for a string of rental apartments in New York that she was reportedly evicted from. Her most recent apartment was at The Biltmore, located on West 47th Street. The average rent in the building is $3,845 a month, which isn’t that high of a rent by Manhattan standards.
Hotels: One of Bynes’ biggest extravagances is hotels. Prior to moving into The Biltmore, she lived at the W Times Square. Although her exact bill is not known, she stayed there for over a month and ordered room service all the time. Also, before being forced into a psychiatric hold earlier this month, Bynes reportedly spent $9,000 at the swanky Ritz-Carlton in New York, which she was subsequently asked to leave. She also spends tons of money on cabs, and reportedly took one cross country since she has no legal identification and couldn’t get on a plane.
Accessories: She reportedly spent over $11,000 on hair extensions earlier this year, and also owns many Louis Vuitton purses, some of which retail for over $2,000. She also doesn’t leave home without her $3,700 Cartier Love bracelet. Over the years, she’s been spotted wearing pricey clothes from top designers, and carrying handbags from Balenciaga.
Conclusion: Although Bynes is going through a difficult time, if she is able to get help and limit her spending slightly, she should be just fine. Of course, only time will tell what’s to come for Bynes’ net worth.
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