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Aly & AJ Reveal Who’s More Likely to Forget a Lyric, Post a Bad Photo of the Other & More

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Aly & AJ Reveal Who’s More Likely to Forget a Lyric, Post a Bad Photo of the Other & More

Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka may be known as the duo Aly & AJ, but when it comes to who’s more likely to forget a lyric, post a bad photo of the other and spoil a TV show, there’s a clear choice between the sisters.

Aly & AJ are the cover of StyleCaster’s May 2022 issue, the Festival Issue. “We have days where we’re able to assert our individuality better than others. And then there are days where we don’t really need to be individual,” Aly told StyleCaster in her and Aly’s cover interview about her and her sister’s bond as artists. “We’re just thinking like one amoeba.”

In honor of their cover, we played a game of “Who’s Who — Sister Edition,” where we asked Aly and AJ to choose the most-likely-to sister between the two of them on a variety of topics. One question that was an easy answer was who’s the favorite of their parents. “AJ is the favorite for sure of the parents, “Aly said. “She’s also the baby…She’s a little more snuggly, cuddly, calls them more often.” AJ added, “I tell them, like, ‘We just landed in New York. Don’t worry, we’re safe.’ Aly is like, ‘Who cares if they know where we’re at?'” to which Aly asked, “Wait, you did? You texted mom and dad?” When AJ confirmed that she, in fact, texted their parents that they were in New York safe and sound for StyleCaster’s shoot, AJ responded, “Well, there you go. That’s why she’s favorite.”

One question that was more tricky was who’s most likely to borrow clothes from the other sister and forget to return them. “Neither of us. We always return,” AJ said, to which Aly added, “We’re almost obsessive compulsive.” AJ explained, “Because we like borrowing from each other, we don’t want our closets overloaded with things that aren’t ours, so the next day, it’s like back…We’re literally a return service.”

Another question that was a toss-up was who’s most likely to spill a secret. “I actually think we’re both good secret keepers when we know it’s a legitimately secret secret,” Aly said. “A perfect example is that [AJ] knows something that is secretive of a girlfriend of yours in a fun way, like a project thing.” AJ added, “It’s an alias. There’s a whole thing. She can’t say.” Aly continued, “And I know about it but that’s because I also know the friend, and [AJ] was like, ‘Can I tell Aly?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah, that’s fine.'”

However, one question that was a no-brainer was who’s more likely to post a photo where she looks good but the other sister doesn’t. “Aly. We get in fights over this,” AJ said. “I’m like, ‘Excuse me, I have a lazy eye in this. You’re just looking at you. Like, girl. Review both faces.” Aly explained, “Your eye is going to go to you. We’re selfish humans.”

Watch the video above to see Aly & AJ play “Who’s Who — Sister Edition” with StyleCaster. Check out StyleCaster’s Festival Issue and cover story with Aly & AJ here.

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