Almost Famous


Over a glass of rose at bff Tina Langley’s brand-new West Village apartment last night, I idly picked up the August issue of French Vogue and began to flip through it while listening to her decorating conundrums. The rock ‘n roll, 70s-style shoot of Daria Werbowy stopped me short. I’ve always had this not-so-secret fantasy of being a “band-aid”–you know, having a lurid love affair with the lead singer of a rock band, touring across the country on a bus, taking too many hallucinogens, and having my heart break while I watch lead singer guy move on seamlessly to next girl in line. All while wearing perfectly smoky eyeshadow and flowers and headbands in my long wild hair.

Sigh. Never gonna happen, I know. But seeing Daria made up like the most achingly beautiful “band-aid” in history at least gave me a little style inspiration. So the next time you see me out, I’ll be sporting smoky eyes, a band across my forehead, and dancing with careless abandon.

I heart French Vogue.