Ally Hilfiger Debut Collection Pics!

Ally Hilfiger Debut Collection Pics!
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So, the stats “ex-reality show star” and “Tommy Hilfiger’s daughter” sound less like a recipe for success and more like a lethal concoction that leads to brattiness and entitlement. But whatever you think about Ally Hilfiger, she’s probably going to prove you wrong come Fashion Week.

She is presenting her very first collection a partnership with her friend and talented womenswear designer Nary Manivong at Milk Studios on February 11. The contemporary line is called NAHM (a random combination of the pair’s initials) and will focus on one garment in particular: The shirtdress.

Manivong has spent the last few of years designing for his eponymous New York-based label Hilifiger styled his Fall/Winter 2010 show but he’s putting his collection on hold to work on NAHM.

Their versatile range has something for everyone: There are classic cuts, asymmetrical hems, sheer panels and even super short options for night. While the pair doesn’t want NAHM to live in the shadow of Ally’s father, Tommy, one thing’s for sure: Miss Hilfiger’s latest project is going to make her daddy proud!

Photos via WWD