The All Points West Recap


So All Points West (otherwise known as the Musical Mud Pit in New Jersey) has come to a close, and the StyleCaster team has trudged back to their cozy desks in Manhattan, thrown their Frye boots in the trash, and ceremoniously cut the 17 wristbands they somehow accumulated over the past three epic days.

For those of you who were either at the festival sans Wifi, or checking in with us all weekend for show updates from Janice, news from Elizabeth, or sick street style from Mark and Andrew, there may have been a few highlights we didn’t quite cover. (This could be the result of dehydration, dance party delirium, or general festival distraction.) So, let’s recap, shall we?

APW Day 1

-Initiation Day. We learned that the press tent was not only super far from everything, but full of mud, trail mix, and John Norris. Yes, John Norris, like who brought you all your news via MTV when you were 14. We watched him flirt and chain-smoke for three days. It was awesome.

-It’s kind of difficult to ask street style questions to girls who are too high to understand the concept of questions, and are too busy rain dancing anyway. However…they tend to have awesome style. Not everyone can rock a crochet dress over a thong bikini. True story.

Fleet Foxes like ecstasy and purple lights, and Karen O is the most beautiful woman alive, who beats up stages with her microphone.

– Ponchos are still super uncool…but are sort of forgivable when pneumonia is a possibility.

– Agyness Deyn looks really uncomfortable when you ask for her photo, but she’s just too cute for words. We had to do it.

Jay-Z likes to remind us what his mother- effing name is a lot. Which, of course, we know. Duh.

APW Day 2

– An absolutely gorgeous day, full of sunshine, rainbows, and an onslaught on angsty Tool fans. This means lots of high fives, tribal tattoos, and sporadic pushups.

– Wearing unusual items on your head appears to be a trend. The Cool Kids pushed t-shirts under their baseball caps, and Kool Keith wore what appeared to be a glitter sequin pashmina on his. The sun was getting to us, but not that much.

-Courtney Love is a media-hoe. Donning a tutu, she ran into the press tent, yelling “Cheese!” before running away. Said media was just more confused than anything else.

APW Day 3

– Everyone wore H&M. Everyone was 18. Everyone couldn’t wait for MGMT.

– Bodypaint is the new black.

– So is mud.

– Mixing Coldplay fans with MGMT fans is endlessly entertaining. Expect an increase in military school enrollments next week.

– Some people still have a killer fashion sense, in rain, wind, and torrential monsoons. We tip our fedoras at you.
-Thanks to the friendly subway workers who gleefully hosed off concert-goers’ feet while they waited for the N train at midnight.

For full reviews and street style, check out Above the Fold, Street Smart, and Young Blood from this past weekend. We hope you join us next year! Peace out…we’re going to bed.