All American in China


There was a rumor swirling around China last November that American Apparel is penetrating the border and setting up shop. The first boutique was slated to open in the Shanghai Creative Zone Project 1933 this past May. The project has been postponed due to final government approval. There are still plans to open posts in lower-profile, second-tier cities of Suzhou and Chendu. These are neighborhoods that fit perfectly into the brands ‘street cred’ image.

American made products in China – ironic. I wonder how the Chinese will warm up to this. American Apparel hopes to export its socially responsible ethos to China as well. The company has decided not to source from China and has vowed to pay its Chinese sales staff no less than the U.S. minimum wage. It also plans to sell some of the socially outspoken merchandise it sells in the U.S.; for example, earlier this summer the firm planned to ship its “Legalize L.A.” T-shirt to China, which supports a relaxation of U.S. immigration rules.

I personally feel that American Apparel is so different for every person. Everyone has a need for basics and in a time where my disposable income is in decline, I appreciate the creative offerings. Thoughts?