The A-List: A Visa Card Made of Gold, Diamonds, and a Pearl

Leah Bourne

o sberbankkazakhstan 570 The A List: A Visa Card Made of Gold, Diamonds, and a PearlRussian bank Sberbank is offering 100 of its customers in the oil-rich Asian state of Kazakhstan a gold credit card, studded with 26-diamonds and a pearl. The card weighs one pound and costs approximately $100,000 (£62,123). Of that, the actual card costs $65,000, with the remaining $35,000 on the balance of the card. Essentially, the credit card itself is worth more than some people make in a year, and it can’t even be swiped or used at cash machines. While the car is equipped with the same chips as a plastic credit card, it doesn’t have a magnetic strip. Cardholders will also be given a standard plastic credit card.
Besides being the blingiest credit card that we have ever seen, the card also comes with life and health insurance worth about $265,000, a pass to business-class lounges at airports, a 24-hour concierge phone service, hotel, restaurant and car rental discounts, as well as a complimentary iPhone 5 and a Montblanc bankcard holder.