The A-List: Everything Tastes Better Vintage, Even Vodka

Leah Bourne

esq 2009 vodka 1112 xlg The A List: Everything Tastes Better Vintage, Even VodkaSure, vintage wine and champagne is de rigueur, but vintage vodka? That’s why we were so intrigued by the idea behind Karlsson’s “vintage” vodka. The liquor is made from a single variety of potatoes grown on a single farm in a  single year. Batch 2009 is made exclusively from Solist potatoes, which Karlsson describes as “Sweden’s most exquisite Virgin New Potato”—possibly the most flowery language we have ever heard associated with a potato, but hey, we’ll go with it. The limited edition bottle is selling for $80, twice the price of Karlsson’s main offering, Karlsson gold. It’s the price you pay to say you are drinking vintage vodka.
Karlsson Batch 2009, $80,

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