The A-List: Mercedes Unveils $530,000 Electric Supercar

Leah Bourne

mercedes benz sls amg coupe electric drive1 The A List: Mercedes Unveils $530,000 Electric SupercarMercedes has just introduced its SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive, an electric supercar, at the Paris Motor Show. Developed in-house by Mercedes-AMG the car has a 155 mile range in the combined cycle per charge of its 60kWh 400V lithium-ion battery. For those who that doesn’t mean that much to, essentially it leaves past AMG vehicles in the dust. With four electric motors, one at each wheel, it produces a combined 740 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque and it can reach 62 miles per hour in just 3.9 seconds. Power aside, the car just looks really, really cool, who wouldn’t want to drive around in this thing? The fact that it is guilt-free to boot because its electric, just makes it even sweeter.a
The SLS AMG Electric Drive will go on sale in Europe for roughly $530,000 next year. If you have a half a million bucks lying around, we highly suggest getting on the wait list now.
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