The A-List: Goyard Art Book

Leah Bourne

goyard brandbook 08 The A List: Goyard Art BookEver wonder what a $7,800 book looks like? Behold the Goyard Art Book created in collaboration with Parisian publisher Devambez. The book comes complete with a customizable trunk (clients can choose the color of the canvas) and only 233 copies have been produced (233 is the number of Goyard’s original store on Rue Saint-Honoré).
The book is printed on deckled vellum paper made by historic French paper maker Arches and the paper even features its own watermark. The book contains documents and images from Goyard’s nearly 160 year history including historical travel photos and even photos of the brand’s revolutionary trunk conveyor system from the early 1900s.
For Goyard super fans worried that they will never have a chance to see this book in person, several are being donated to libraries around the world.
Goyard Art Book, $7,800,