The A-List: Byredo’s Black Saffron Fragrance Inspired by Ancient Egypt

Leah Bourne

byredo The A List: Byredos Black Saffron Fragrance Inspired by Ancient EgyptCult perfumer Byredo’s latest scent, Black Saffron, takes its cues from ancient Egypt, when saffron was used in body washes for the very wealthy, including for Queen Cleopatra herself (rumor has that she used to take baths infused with saffron to increase her sexual pleasure). Saffron was brought to Kashmir by the Persians in the 11th century AD, quickly gaining further devotion.
Ben Gorham, Founder and Creative Director of Byredo says, “Saffron has always been a part of my Indian upbringing both in smell, taste and color. It is holy to all Hindus, is the color of Buddhist robes and has become a symbol for India.”
This scent includes notes of Asian pomelo, juniper berries, black violets, and blond wood. Here’s to hoping that a whiff of this scent will spread some of saffrons medicinal and even aphrodisiac powers.
Byredo Black Saffron Eau de Parfum, $220 for 100 ML,