Will Alexander Wang’s Relationship With Liberty Ross Affect Kristen Stewart’s Role at Balenciaga?

Spencer Cain


Today, WWD all but confirmed what we’d been speculating: Alexander Wang will take over as creative director at Balenciaga, following Nicolas Ghesquière, whose last day with the label is today. While there’s been plenty of discussion as to whether Wang is the right choice (some feel the 28-year-old is too green to helm the heritage brand, especially if he plans to continue designing for his five-year-old eponymous line), no one has speculated about what Wang’s super-tight relationship with model Liberty Ross will mean for current Balenciaga face Kristen Stewart. (In case you forgot, Ross’ husband cheated on her with K-Stew).

Kristen and Balenciaga: Stewart is the face of Balenciaga’s fragrance Florabotanica, which for some starlets wouldn’t be a massive deal. However, K-Stew has gone above and beyond in her role with the company, appearing at numerous functions alongside Ghesquière (the two are now close pals) as well as participating in live chats about the brand. She’s become a full-fledged Balenciaga ambassador, regularly wearing the label’s latest designs, and never leaving the house without her quilted moto jacket (which she owns in at least four colors).

She’s brought a ton of press to Balenciaga and helped them reach a new younger audience. But—and this is a pretty big but—with Wang on board, we’re not so sure he’ll want her representing his creations. Why? Read on.

Liberty and Alexander Wang: Model Liberty Ross, the wife of director Rupert Sanders (whom Stewart supposedly had a much-publicized affair with back in July), made her first public post-scandal appearance (aside from a paparazzi sighting or two) walking in Wang’s Spring 2013 show, and the flashbulbs and fans went completely crazy. Sure, Wang may have just wanted her to walk in the show because she’s a classy British beauty, but this was clearly orchestrated as a publicity vehicle.

In addition to merely modeling Wang’s collection, she appeared in a Style.com video for the designer, and also had her image flashed on the screen at the show’s after-party. When Wang was asked why Ross was in the show, he stated: “Because I love her and support her.”

Yes, they’re all adults, but there’s simply no way Ross has moved on from the public humiliation Stewart brought to her family. Considering that Ross’ Wang-walk was a huge success, we can’t imagine he wouldn’t want her to bring similar press to Balenciaga. We may be speculating here, but we think that K-Stew’s love affair with Balenciaga could coming to a close under Ross-supporter Wang’s reign.

What do you think? Will Stewart continue to be involved with Balenciaga, or is Wang’s relationship with Ross too strong?