Alexander Wang Takes Manhattan with First Ad Campaign


When we think Alexander Wang, images of young, edgy downtown cool kids come to mind. So when the time came to celebrate Wang’s new Spring 2010 collection, the designer decided to go straight to his loyal followers — in where else? — the streets of downtown Manhattan, of course.

Starting Monday, February 1st, the CFDA winner’s ads will be plastered all over lower Manhattan in the East Village and the Lower East Side, covering the intersections of Third Avenue and 12th Street as well as Grand and Crosby Streets.The ads will be on display for four weeks and will be replenished weekly to keep things fresh. The campaign is only set to run in New York, but Wang explains that it may venture into other cities if it becomes something people really respond to, but right now New York City is where its at. This is our home.

Alexander Wang hired the same agency behind the Apple iPod posters, National Promotions & Advertising, to manage his first ad campaign.Photographed by Dan Jackson, the ads feature modelHannah Holman, sporting a cut-out top from the T collection. The images were so inspiring to the designer that what started out as a routine campaign, evolved into a full on guerilla marketing scheme. Wang explains, The [images] were originally only supposed to be posters we were going to send to editors and stores, but I felt the energy was much more appropriate for something like guerrilla marketing than anything too proper or formal. Because T is really the core foundation of what Alexander Wang stands for, I thought it should be something that could be much more democratic.

The last time there was this much buzz over an ad campaign, it involved a naked Eva Mendes, but Alexander Wang does not disappoint. Not only is the designer giving us a peek at his new collection via posters on the sides of brick walls, but there is also a behind-the-scenes video to be aired the same day the ad goes up. In case you can’t make it to the show, the video shot by Peter Szollosi will feature the madness that goes on backstage. The video is sure to be just as exciting as the ad campaign but if you can’t wait ’til Monday to get it on, then check out a clip from the full video here.

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