Alexander Wang and Samsung Create $550 Leather Gym Bag

Perrie Samotin

alexwangsamsung1 Alexander Wang and Samsung Create $550 Leather Gym Bag

Last January, it was announced that—even with a fashion show around the corner and a new gig as Balenciaga’s creative director Alexander Wang was teaming up with Samsung to create a limited-edition bag, which would feature doodles, sketches, and pictures created by a group of the designer’s close friends, stylists, photographers, and others industry insiders on their Samsung’s GALAXY Note II device, a gadget that allows users to create cool art.

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Well, the limited-edition lambskin bag—a $550 drawstring backpack called the Wallie gym sack—is here, and it features an abstract pattern sourced from the sketches Wang received.

Indeed, $550 is a hefty amount to drop on a leather gym bag, but proceeds will go to Art Start, an nationally-recognized charity that uses the arts to nurture the creative talents of at-risk children and youth.

The sack will be available on tomorrow, and will hit stores in major markets by early September.