More Photos of Alexander Wang x H&M Have Emerged!

Earlier this week, we got a glimpse of Rihanna stepping out in a full look from Alexander Wang’s buzzy upcoming collaboration for H&M—the first person to do so—which ignited plenty of buzz on its own, then we saw some more imagery courtesy of Vogue Netherlands. Now, we’re getting a little more intel on what the collection looks like thanks to the new issue of Elle magazine, and Wang’s Instagram.


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Elle‘s website posted two photos today—both exclusively appearing in the new issue—that shows model Hanne Gaby Odiele showcasing more pieces from the super-sporty collection, including a sports bra, plastic goggles, slides, slouchy pants, a parka with “Wang” on both sleeves, a thick boxing ring-style belt, and more.

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Several items are conspicuously covered in Wang’s name—a nod to ’90s logomania, a trend the designer debuted last year.

alex wang h&M first look logo

Photo: Cedric Buchet/ELLE

elle alex wang h&M lorde 2014

Elle’s October issue