Alexander McQueen Shoes worn by Daphne Guinness


Sorry kids, your only chance for 15 minutes of fame is officially over. But the good news is, you weren’t beat to the punch by just anyone. Yes, that’s correct–Daphne Guinness, the master of upstaging anyone and everyone when it comes to fashion, was officially the first person to step out in Alexander McQueen‘s killer shoes from his spring 2010 runway collection last night. We told you you had to act quickly!

Guinness stepped out in a tan version of McQueen’s 10-inch numbers to a party held last night in honor of NARS Cosmetics‘ 15th anniversary. Guests at the event also celebrated the timely launch of Francois Nars‘ new book 15×15, which is a compilation of the makeup guru’s own photographs. Guinness appears in the book along with Amanda Lepore, photographed with the skunk-haired couture collector above.

As in awe as we are at the fact that Guinness could actually stand to take this photo, we’re a bit disappointed with her selection. Her tan booties are way tamer than the black reptile print version with buckles that McQueen showcased on the catwalk, and we think she could have at least upped the ante a little and worn this embellished version in tan. What do all you StyleCasters think?